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Portland, Or


Our dream & mission is to enhance marriages by exposing and expressing the most intimate emotions & feelings, simultaneously bottling up and releasing love into the world and to future generations. 

On Tour

We call Portland, Oregon home. It's an amazing part of an incredible state.

If you live out of town and want to book a session in Oregon, we'll hook you up with all the best places to stay & things to do. Think fireside s'mores, hiking & exploring the Gorge and all its waterfalls, trips to vineyards and/or breweries, and always-fun late night chats.


Coming to You

Zach and I are adventure chasers. And when one's not happening in our own home, we're flying off to the next one. And when we're not flying, you can bet we're driving. Or hiking, or walking, or pogo-sticking.

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Nonetheless, when the time is right & the Lord is willing, Hearts on Fire is going on tour!! We're coming to photograph love adventures all over the land & you could be on the list. 

We might be coming to your town!  And while we are blessed to know people all over the world, we are always excited about making new friends. Let us know where you are if you want to have a photographic love adventure with us, or just want to connect along the way. :) The above map will show you our potential adventure destinations.

Get on it!