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Our dream & mission is to enhance marriages by exposing and expressing the most intimate emotions & feelings, simultaneously bottling up and releasing love into the world and to future generations. 




Why Easter Matters for Your Marriage | Hearts on Fire by Kari Rae

Kari Lewis

Yesterday was Easter.

And as far as I'm concerned, Easter is the best thing that's EVER happened. I believe that Jesus took my sins (defined as: an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law. In other words, anything that separates us from the perfection of God), He took your sins, He took everybody's sins upon Himself... endured the worst shame, beating, pain, scorning, rejection and torture (which is what we deserve and He didn't), and He died. 

With Him, all of our sin died as well. The division between God and man died. The inability to have a living, loving relationship with God died. The crap that weighs us down and makes us feel guilty, oppressed, unable, depressed, or all died with Him! 

And then the very best part...three days later, Jesus came back to life! He became the only person to ever defeat death. That alone is enough for me to want to praise Him, but that's not all.

With His resurrection, He also raised us out of death. He defeated death for Himself, and defeated it for us. With His new life, He gives us new life too! And good grief, that is so worth celebrating! We are innocent, forgiven, free, able, joyful, and worth literally everything to the Almighty God.  


It took one day for Jesus to bear hell for us.

It took one day for Him to defeat death.
In that same day, He offered forgiveness and eternal life with Him to all of humanity. 

It took one day for me to commit my life to Him. 

It also took one day for me to commit my life to my husband. 

It took one day to become a parent. 

It will take one day for my life to be over. 


Friends, we are not promised tomorrow. We are given one day, and that day is today.

It takes one day to decide to turn your marriage around. 

It takes one day to ask forgiveness.

It takes one day to re-commit your life and love to your spouse.

It takes one day to let Jesus live out His resurrection again in your heart, in your relationships, and in your life. 

HE IS ABLE. He is willing! And He is insanely, beautifully, relentlessly loving. 

My prayer today is that His resurrection is realized in our lives. And leaned into, and trusted, and needed. Because the resurrection saves. Over and over again, it saves. 

It saves my heart. It saves my attitude. It saves my bitterness & unforgiveness. It saves my pride. It saves my insecurity, fear, and unworthy feelings. It saves my life. And it redeems all of it! 

So for me, and for all of you out there who are also in need of saving, let us look to the cross. That empty cross where Jesus hung for us. And then let us look to the tomb. The empty tomb where Jesus awoke from death and simply walked out. 

The God who has the ability to do that has the ability to do more than we could ever ask or imagine. He fought (and still fights) for us. And while I always talk about how our marriages are worth fighting for, I don't mean that we should ever fight for it alone.

I think fighting alone is a losing battle. I know that fighting with the Lord is a battle that's already been won! 

So friends, may we rely on His resurrection and saving power to resurrect and save our marriages daily.