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Portland, Or


Our dream & mission is to enhance marriages by exposing and expressing the most intimate emotions & feelings, simultaneously bottling up and releasing love into the world and to future generations. 




Love Your Love Day #3 - The Fifteen Minute Fix | Hearts on Fire by Kari Rae, Oregon Love Photographer

Kari Lewis

Facts about Today:

1. It's Friday. 

2. It has been declared as "Love Your Love Day"

3. This is the 3rd Love Your Love Day ever. 3 weeks in a row! (I am honestly so proud of myself for keeping the tradition for 3 weeks! I'm not sure if that says anything good about my commitment to things, but oh's true.)

4. I am IN HAWAII. Which means I am smiling. Right. Now. Whenever you read this, as long as my location is still the same, I am smiling! I think I'm even smiling in my sleep. You'll have to ask Zach whether or not that's true, but I'd be willing to bet on it. Because Hawaii makes me SO HAPPY! Thank you, Jesus, for Hawaii. :)

5. This video is really important to me. Even if the Fifteen Minute Fix doesn't work (which it might not, because I made it up), the underlying goodness I am talking about is so incredibly valuable (and I didn't make it up).

Please enjoy!