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Portland, Or


Our dream & mission is to enhance marriages by exposing and expressing the most intimate emotions & feelings, simultaneously bottling up and releasing love into the world and to future generations. 




Get Ready for the Sale of the Year | Hearts on Fire by Kari Rae, Oregon Love Photographer

Kari Lewis

 Eric & April are celebrating 17 years of marriage this year. Huzzah! 

Eric & April are celebrating 17 years of marriage this year. Huzzah! 

The only constant is change, and your love is no exception here.

Maybe the last adventure of your life together has left you feeling dry & exhausted. Maybe you came out of it revived & alive!

Either way, your marriage would benefit from a pep talk. After all, you know there's not any relationship worth investing in more than the one that made your family a family.

You may be recently engaged. You may be preparing to bring a baby into your world. Maybe you're missing that amazing connection with each other after years of wrangling toddlers. Or being a taxi driver to soccer practice & gymnastics practice & horse lessons. Or getting through those teenage years. Maybe you're newly empty-nesters. Maybe you're long-time empty nesters. Life is crazy!! And you know that some time alone with your love sounds pretty nice right about now. Or if it doesn't sound nice, it probably sounds important anyway. ;)

What you want is a date; but not just dinner & a movie and hopefully good conversation. You want a date that leaves you feeling loved, appreciated, attractive, encouraged, strengthened, and secure. A date that will have you laughing until your stomach hurts, feeling nostalgic about your countless memories together, and getting more excited for the future. A date that makes you fall in again. 

But you've wished for this before, and then you've waited for the 'right time.' You thought your next anniversary might be good, but then you bought that gorgeous necklace or fancy wallet instead. Christmas? Yeah, Christmas will be a perfect time to do this! And then all the other wish lists consumed your time and wallet. Okay, so you decided on your love's birthday. And then you decided to throw a surprise party! It's fine, all of these things have been really great.

But as you know (or maybe you're learning), it's not really survival of the fittest. It's survival of the most connected. The couples who invest in their relationship, communicate their love, and, well, go on love adventures, are the couples who will stay together and have the most fulfilling relationships. And you know what? You decide that now is the right time to go on a love adventure. Now... just because. 


Just because is so thoughtful. It's caring, and kind, and it's crazy romantic. Your 25th wedding anniversary is an awesome reason to celebrate, but so is today, whatever today may be… halfway through the year in the middle of a season when your relationship is easy to put on the back burner. But you're not looking to keep your love sitting on the warmer. You're not content with a quiet simmer; not for this love that you've committed your whole life to! You're eager to keep, or set, or bring back your hearts on fire. 

See what I did there? ;) 

Friends, I've created a time for you. A time for you to do this just because. Because your love is worth fighting for. 


THIS COMING MONDAY, MAY 26TH. From 9am until 9pm PST, give me a ring.
When you book a Hearts on Fire session "just because," you will receive $100 off your session fee!

$100 gets you an experience that could change the trajectory of your marriage... 
(and for fun, we're also throwing in a beautiful gift with purchase. Cuz that's what Nordstrom does sometimes, and I like it)

Contact us today to get details so you are prepared when Monday comes. :) There are not a ton of spots left for the remainder of the year, and they may go quickly! This sale is a "you rock for planning ahead" reward. ;)

 David & Chelsea are coming up on 7 years of marriage. Fun fact, they were married on 7/7/07. :)

David & Chelsea are coming up on 7 years of marriage. Fun fact, they were married on 7/7/07. :)