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Portland, Or


Our dream & mission is to enhance marriages by exposing and expressing the most intimate emotions & feelings, simultaneously bottling up and releasing love into the world and to future generations. 




Love Your Love Day #2 - My Love Story | Hearts on Fire by Kari Rae, Love Photographer

Kari Lewis

To cap off our week, it's Love Your Love Day!!

I made a goal to do this weekly whenever possible, and so far, we are 2 for 2! Hoo-rah!

Weekly traditions are fun, don't you think?

Today I'm sharing my love story. Be sure that you hop into the comment box and share your story too. I LOVE hearing them! 

(Zach always says I'm dramatic... I don't know what he's talking about.)

And switching gears! 

Most importantly for me, today is Good Friday! The day that my beautiful Jesus submitted to death on a cross, carrying the weight of my sin so that I might be forgiven and have eternal life with Him. Nothing could be more humbling. It is because of that crazy, sacrificial, never-giving-up love that I do what I do for His glory. And I'm SO glad that Sunday is coming and He is alive!  (If you would like to attend a church service but aren't sure where to go, let me know where you are and I'll gladly help you find a great one!)

Have a wonderful weekend of celebration, friends.