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Portland, Or


Our dream & mission is to enhance marriages by exposing and expressing the most intimate emotions & feelings, simultaneously bottling up and releasing love into the world and to future generations. 




Hearts on Fire Tour Preparation | Love Photographer

Kari Lewis

Hi friends!

Today is a quick post to tell you about another page here: ON TOUR.

Every time Zach and I go on a date or have an evening at home, we can't help but talk about our dreams. It's one of my favorite things to discuss, and it's the cutest mode to see my husband in.

I'm a dreamer, and he's a planner, and together we make quite the team for making things happen! 

That said, one of our biggest and favorite dreams is to go on tour to photograph incredible couples just like you; Hearts on Fire style. The On Tour page has a map with a few of our potential destinations that you guys have requested.


Fill out the tiny form there to let us know where you are, and right now, I'm especially looking at you, West Coast! 


Go check it out. I'm excited to hear from you! And seriously, if you are on the West Coast. . . I have goodies in store for you! Holler!