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Portland, Or


Our dream & mission is to enhance marriages by exposing and expressing the most intimate emotions & feelings, simultaneously bottling up and releasing love into the world and to future generations. 

About You


A few (or many) years ago you said "I do" to your best friend. And thus began your life together

Your love grew & grew, and along came baby. You had no idea the change, stress, growth and joy this would bring you, but you knew you would do it together. 

The majority of your attention was rightfully put into this new life you were given responsibility for. And instead of countless evenings spent staying up late drinking your favorite Red Blend and gazing into your husband's eyes like you used to, you spend countless evenings falling asleep at 10pm from pure exhaustion, only to be woken up again by a baby who needs to eat, or a groggy 5-year-old who swears he needs to sleep in your bed again, or a 9-year-old who still hasn't learned to giggle quietly during slumber parties.

And while you are deciding whether to homeschool or send them to public, while you're reiterating for the 38th time today the importance of active listening (ironic, huh?) . . . what you want them to learn most is how to grow into incredible adults who have known, and are capable of, a great love; and you're determined to set that example together. 

Years pass and you thankfully sleep through most nights now, but you wake up early to drag your 15-year-old out of his perpetually odd-smelling bedroom (is it the socks under the bed or the leftover Chinese on his desk?), you drop everything to drive 4 hours and bring your 23-year old your famous cream of tomato soup when she comes down with the flu, and you cry the embarrassing cry as you dance with your son on his wedding day. Your husband does the same cry while walking his little girl down the aisle, refusing to believe she is old enough to date yet. 


Honestly, you're not quite sure how you made it, but you know you've gotten this far together.


There were beautiful highs and horrible lows, and though it feels like you failed your children at least every other day, your granddaughter runs in the room, calls for a "group hug!!" with her beloved grandparents and starts asking questions, as 4-year-olds do. She quickly goes from "What can I have for snack?" to "Why is your car white?" to "Nana, how much do you love Papa?" and as you start to fire off answers, you realize that this last question deserves a great answer. A great answer that she can hear in your stories, feel through your group hugs, and see in your Legacy Box sitting on the shelf. It's filled with photos, vials of your perfume & cologne, and handwritten love letters, all from the past 32 years of marriage. You originally created it to store your favorite memories, but while she and 4 of her cousins joyfully pour through it all, you understand another reason why you keep your Legacy Box. She deserves a great answer that shows her that even when 3 kids and full-time jobs and PTA meetings and family losses and moving houses and crazy vacations and life have worked to pull you apart, that you fought for your marriage and you did it together. 

Maybe this isn't your story yet.

You might be 2 years into your marriage; you might be 52 years in.

Maybe you think your relationship isn't that important to document right now, or maybe you think you should lose ten pounds first, or be more romantic, or have a better story...

But in the meantime, these treasured days lived alongside the one you love are turning into years. Years dripping with the words "I do." Years that are slipping away unrecorded & undocumented.